Partnership germinates innovation. It means to identify and train future employees. Universities and industry can combine their technical skills, knowledge, and resources to innovate and address societal challenges.

Companies are hungry for ideas, and the actual technologies and intellectual properties to commercialize those ideas. And, companies are hungry for talent. This is a very good opportunity to expose students to the industry culture, when students graduate , they are better prepared to start working at these companies.

These mutually beneficial partnerships can produce groundbreaking research and innovation that solves complex problems, drives economic growth, and creates a more skilled workforce.


Professional Bodies recognizes the need to make it as easy as possible for policymakers to find the best advice and for the engineering profession to “speak with one voice” on key issues. Professional Bodies plan to establish strong partnerships with companies, academic bodies and other institutions and continue to forge new relationships to reach out to new technical communities and also establish collaborative partnerships with other professional bodies.