Corporate Connections

World needs intellectual mind for building future world. These minds will create business, govern society, takes care for those, who needs education and show future directions. We are trying to establish a platform for those minds to extend knowledge, skills and abilities they will need to lead our world. Our noble cause is to educate people for the future and seeks to collaborate with its corporate friends to build and strengthen pathways from classes to careers.

Academy on boarding

Academy on boarding is the part of the process to establish a platform, to connect Academia with Corporate to overcome the skill gap at the earliest.

Skill Training

EduSkills Foundation is transforming the vision of “Skilled India” through various cutting edge inter displinary skills to minimize the scarcity, in turn, making them self-independent .

Industry Certifications

Only Skills without certification does not benefit in long run. To maintain a sustainable career, industry certifications are very much required. We provide platform to go through the required training as well as the correspondin g certifications.

Placement Linkage

We are not confined to provide skilling platform only, but also connect IT/ITES & core industries to hire our trained candidate pool.


We promote more job provider than job seekers’ by conducting several programs.

Publication & Patent

This is the integral component of academics. It adds big value to Academic Performance Index(API), which is now a days is a yardstick for promotion and other benefits for faculty members. We support faculty members regarding Publication & Patent, who are serious but not getting proper path to achieve this. We have exclusive plans for our NetAcad instructors.

Awards & Recognitions

The Academies & Instructors are the backbone to make every program successful. We take care of our Instructors, who really contribute to the growth of these programs. We connect them with proper platforms, where the world builders are recognized & awarded.

Sector Skill Councils

To achieve ‘Skilled India’ mission, Govt has established several domain based Skill Sector Councils. We connect Skill Sector Councils with Institutions to build the skilled man power with recognized certifications as per the standards specified by Skill Sector councils on different domain.

Conference/Seminar/Technical Talk

Knowledge acquisition is a continuous process. There is no end to it. We provide platforms, where our Instructor get knowledge on latest developments through several Conference/Seminar/Technical Talk.There are so many instances, our Instructors are becoming resource person to share knowledge.


Instructors Professional Development(IPD) is a platform, where the sessions are made available in multiple languages, including some regional languages also. We host multiple Student Development Programs(SDP), for the benefit of students to make them aware about the change scenario, to make them adoptable.

Professional Bodies

To extend our programs to maximum students, we are also working with multiple Professional bodies. We also host exclusive events for the students of those academies, who are associated with professional bodies like ISTE.

Digital India & Skill India Initiatives

To achieve the objective of ‘Education for All’, we provide platform to make maximum Digital Literate. We also connect academies with Skill Sector Councils, to make next generation self-independent.

Ranking & Accreditation

MHRD is making Ranking & Accreditation mandatory for Academies to maintain sustainable quality. To enhance quality in Academies, we tied up with many Partners for providing these facilities.

Career Counseling

As per the statistics, many students are doing multiple courses to get some good engagements. But, the difficult part is to know the proper career path and platforms with facilities like Scholarships/Sponsorship. We have an exclusive vertical to handle these challenges.

Corporate Training

Organizations are often in the need of corporate training services for their employees. Our expert trainers design and develop courses, training skills, and offer wide range of corporate training solutions worldwide. The training modules differ from industry to industry.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a mandatory for all corporate, as per the rule in India. And most of the Corporate are doing their CSR in Skilling activities. We, as a partner of corporates, implement CSR on their behalf.

Now days, CSR is slowly moving towards Corporate Innovation Responsibility (CIR). Corporate are opening their innovation labs in Academies and also take help from faculty members to solve their challenges.

Student Competition/Hackathon

To enhance Students’ employability capacity or entrepreneurship capacity, we support academies to host several Student Competitions/Hackathons. We also host several multilevel events, inviting participants from academies.