AWS Academy Program

AWS Academy is a global program that provides educational institutions and educational nonprofits (collectively, “institutions”) with access to an AWS-developed and authorized curriculum so they can more easily offer cloud computing courses to their students. By participating in AWS Academy, institutions can help students become proficient and certified on the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology.

Program Overview 

AWS Academy Curriculum

AWS Academy courses are packaged in a modular format that may be delivered to students as synchronous or asynchronous learning in either an educator-led or virtual classroom environment. Curriculum is aligned to and prepares students for AWS Certification. AWS Academy students have an edge when it comes to employment readiness. The learning that they participate in, while in courses, provides a practical foundation for cloud that moves beyond the theoretical.

AWS Academy Membership Benefits

As an AWS Academy member, your institution has access to AWS Academy authorized courses that can be delivered to students by AWS Academy accredited educators.

AWS Academy members receive a number of benefits that are solely for use by institutions, educators and students participating in AWS Academy

AWS Academy Courses

AWS Academy currently offers 5 courses.

Our development plan includes more courses and we are aligning that plan with industry interest and demand, for example: Big Data, Networking, Machine Learning, IoT.

AWS Academy is committed to staying at the forefront of cloud development and continuing to bring cutting-edge courses to our members.

AWS Certification Benefits

Get AWS Certified to validate technical skills and expertise with an industry-recognized credential.

Maximize your earning potential and take advantage of benefits to show off your achievements and keep learning

Benefit to Students


How do Institutions benefit from participation in the AWS Academy Program ?

Institutions are provided with AWS-authorized learning content, giving them the ability to offer their students an up-to-date AWS cloud computing curriculum. The curriculum is developed and maintained by AWS subject matter experts, which means it reflects new AWS releases and best practices. The curriculum is designed to be readily integrated into an institution’s existing course programs.

What are the program benefits for Educators ?

Educators who complete the AWS Academy instructor accreditation process receive complimentary access to AWS developed and maintained curriculum for delivery to their students. AWS Academy Accredited Instructors are able to confidently and expertly deliver classes to students and also gain recognition through both AWS Certification and AWS Academy instructor accreditation status.

What Educational programs can the AWS Academy curriculum be applied to ?

The curriculum is developed for degree programs as well as continuing education, professional development, extension, and vocational education courses. AWS maintains the curriculum, whereas the institution can determine how the curriculum fits into their course catalogue and requirements.

What is the difference between AWS Academy and AWS Educate ?

  AWS Educate is a membership-based program for post-secondary students, educators, and institutions. It offers AWS Promotional Credits, cloud career pathways with curated learning content, collaboration tools, and access to selected AWS Training and the AWS Educate Job Board. It offers membership at Student, Educator, and Institution levels.

AWS Academy targets post-secondary institutions exclusively and offers an end-to-end curriculum, developed and maintained by AWS, and is designed to be delivered over a semester by AWS Academy Accredited Instructors.

Institutions, educators, and students benefit from both programs.